Vacant Property Registration

Per code 16.27.1, whenever a commercial building or portion of a commercial building is not occupied, the property shall be registered with the city.  This includes, but not limited to, business for commercial, industrial, manufacturing, or storage uses. Vacant storefront commercial spaces may not be used for storage. 

The owner of any building shall register the space within 90 days of becoming vacant and continued vacant properties shall be registered annually in January.  Recent amendments require a $500 annual registration fee. Exemptions include: property undergoing an active renovation with an approved permit; buildings solely for residential use; property's that are publicly, actively and in good faith being listed for sale or lease.  

After filing a registration form, the building owner shall provide access to the City to conduct an exterior and interior inspection of the building. Properties that are vacant or whose current use is prohibited or current use is without an occupancy certificate, are subject to fines.

Vacant Property Registration Form