Pedlets & Parklets

People sitting in a ParkletOn May 2, 2017 the South Milwaukee Common Council passed ordinance 2147 authorizing and regulating the use of Pedlets. A Pedlet is a structure that acts as a sidewalk extension beyond the curb line. It is utilized to allow for a business to use the existing sidewalk as an extension of the business and the Pedlet acts as a new route for pedestrians.

On May 15, 2017 the South Milwaukee Common Council passed ordinance 2148 authorizing and regulating the use of Parklets. A Parklet is a platform which is located in the parking lane of the street, is at the same level as the sidewalk, and is intended to provide additional space and amenities for the adjacent business establishment and its patrons. 

Useful Information

Both Parklets and Pedlets may only be constructed at food and drink establishments. If you are interested in a Parklet/Pedlet, the following information can help get you started.

  • Any applicant that wishes to serve beer and/or liquor outside, needs to submit for a Class B combination license to include a permit for consumption and possession of intoxicants on public property to the Legislation and Permits (L&P) Committee. The application is available at the City Clerk’s office. The L&P Committee will determine if your establishment will be allowed to obtain the permit.
  • Following the approval of the Class B combination license, please contact Janet Talaska, at 414-762-2222, ext. 133 to pick up the Parklet/Pedlet application packet.
  • If the applicant will only be serving food and non-alcoholic beverages, a Class B combination license is not applicable and the applicant may proceed directly to the Parklet/Pedlet application.
  • Please complete the Parklet/Pedlet application including the checklist, insurance information, site plans, photos, the consent form, and the indemnification statement.
  • The applicant must then schedule a meeting with Robin Grams to ensure that the application and all information is included and complete. The insurance information will be reviewed by City Attorney, Chris Smith.
  • City staff will review the application. If the application is complete and the project is eligible, staff will recommend to the Public Works and Public Property Committee. The Committee will then approve a Parklet/Pedlet permit or deny the application.
  • If approved, the applicant is required to pay a $250 fee to obtain the permit. The structure may then be installed outside the applicant’s establishment.
  • If the application is denied or deemed ineligible, the applicant may reapply the following year.

Additional Information

If you have any questions regarding the Parklet/Pedlet application process, please contact Ericka Lang at 414-762-2222 ext 135 or email