Temporary Signs

The following sign types shall be considered temporary and allowed except where prohibited.

Rummage Sale

Signs promoting rummage sales, lawn sales, garage sales provided:

  • Sign is no more than 5 square feet
  • Sign is erected for no longer than 5 days
  • Sign is removed within 24 hours of end of sale
  • Sign is not located on City right-of-way

Signs Prohibited in All Districts

  • Roof signs
  • Billboards
  • Pole signs
  • Signs resembling traffic signs or signals or that otherwise interfere with traffic
  • Signs with obscene messages
  • Signs erected or attached by nailing, fastening or affixing the sign in any manner to:
    • Natural Features
    • Official Street Signs
    • Posts
    • Shrubs
    • Traffic Control Signs
    • Trees
    • Utility Poles
  • Signs which, in the judgment of the Building Inspector, pose a traffic danger by virtue of flashing, blinking or animation
  • Revolving, rotating or otherwise moving signs
  • Signs that are attached to a vehicle and which are located in the public way, obstruct the driver’s vision or pose a traffic danger

Signs in Public Right of Way

No sign shall be erected on lands owned by the City of South Milwaukee or in the public right-of-way without approval of the Common Council, except as otherwise allowed herein.