Citizen Complaint Form

As the one of the first police agencies in the state to receive Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group (WILEAG) accreditation, the South Milwaukee Police Department (SMPD) is truly committed to serving our citizens in a professional manner.

Every year officers from the SMPD make thousands of citizen contacts during traffic enforcement, calls for service and other routine matters. Dispatchers answer over 40,000 telephone calls each year, and our office staff assists hundreds of citizens in our lobby. Despite the large number of contacts, a relatively small number of complaints are filed against our employees. When complaints are reported, our supervisors thoroughly review the facts and provide that information to the reporting person. If the complaint involves an employee's demeanor or alleged action such as misconduct or excessive force, an investigation will be conducted.

Minor Complaints

Minor complaints can be made in person or over the telephone by calling the SMPD at 414-768-8060. A supervisor or officer in charge will discuss the matter and attempt to resolve the issue. Formal complaints should to be made in writing, and notarized by an SMPD employee.


If you would like to recognize an SMPD employee for their outstanding service, please let us know by simply sending an email to Police Department Command Staff.