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Election Poll Worker Application

  1. Eligible Voter*
    Are you an eligible voter in the State of Wisconsin and at least 18 years old?
  2. Party Affiliation
    Please check one
  3. Currently Registered*
    Are you currently registered to vote in the City of South Milwaukee?
  4. Poll Worker Experience*
    Do you have prior pollworker experience?
  5. If you answered yes for having prior pollworker experience, please provide information on where you last served as a poll worker and how long ago?
  6. Important Information
    Poll workers are paid temporary employees of the City of South Milwaukee. Poll workers commit to a two-year election cycle, and agree to be available for training sessions and up to 13-hour work days on election dates at a polling location. Appointment as a pollworker does not ensure that you will be asked to work every election.
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