Garbage Collection

Garbage & Refuse Disposal Definitions

  • Refuse shall mean garbage, rubbish or both. Refuse does not include yard waste, liquids or recyclables as described in Section 26.11.
  • Garbage - Garbage includes all refuse accumulations of animal, fruit or vegetable matter that attend the preparation use, cooking, dealing in or storage of meat, fish, fowl, fruits or vegetables. Liquids are not garbage.
  • Rubbish - Yard waste is not rubbish. Rubbish includes all other refuse except, but not limited to: 
    • Bricks
    • Concrete
    • Dirt
    • Plaster
    • Rocks
    • Trees
    • Wood and Lumber
    • Other Solid Material Similar to Those Described Herein
  • Special Pickup - Waste Material - Special pickup - waste material includes, but shall not be limited to: 
    • Bricks
    • Concrete
    • Dirt
    • Lumber
    • Plaster
    • Rocks
    • Trees
    • Used Household Furniture and Appliances
    • Wood
    • Other Materials Similar to Those Described Herein
  • Yard waste as used herein is as defined in Wisconsin Statutes 159.07 and includes leaves, grass clippings, yard and garden debris and brush including clean woody vegetative material no greater than six inches in diameter.
  • Liquids - No liquids will be picked up or disposed of at regular or special pick-ups.
  • Shingles - No shingles will be picked up or disposed of at regular collection, special pick-ups, or at the Self-Deposit Station. 
    • Contact Waste Management - Metro Security Landfill, 10712 S 124th St., Franklin, WI, 53132.   Phone: 1-866-909-4458

Garbage to Be Deposited in Carts Provided

All garbage created, accumulated or produced shall be deposited in carts provided by the Street Department. Ninety-Five-gallon carts are provided to each property for the fully automated garbage collection process. The collection and storage areas shall be kept in clean, neat and sanitary condition at all times.

  • Use of plastic bags which are securely sealed is encouraged for collection and daily storage of garbage and refuse in the provided cart.
  • Plastic bags with garbage and refuse shall not be stored in the open. All refuse which cannot be placed in the cart due to its size, nature or content will not be collected.
  • Only garbage from inside of these and previously purchased tipper carts will be picked up. No additional cans or bags will be picked up.
  • Four family and greater residences and commercial properties are required to purchase tipper carts for commercial garbage collection.
  • Please see the information sheet (PDF) for information, or contact the Street Department at 414-768-8075.

Collection of Garbage & Rubbish

  • (a) Time of Collection. Collection of garbage shall be made at least once a week on a day certain from private residences and commercial establishments. This collection shall be referred to as a regular pickup.
  • Time of Deposit. Containers of garbage and rubbish shall be placed in an area as specified hereinafter, no later than 7 am on the date of collection, but not sooner than 7 pm on the day preceding collection.

Carts shall be removed from the deposit area no later than 7 am on the day after collection. Carts shall be placed within three feet of the curb in the curb-lawn area, or within three feet of the edge of the alley on private property, and require four feet of clearance on both sides, and well as behind each cart. All garbage must be contained inside the cart with the lid closed, and facing the street or alley. During winter months, carts shall not be placed on snow banks but shall be placed in a cleared driveway or a cleared section of the deposit area if there is not driveway. 

Carts will not be emptied if they are non-compliant. City employees shall not enter onto private property for the collection of garbage, except onto the deposit area.

Collection of Other Refuse

The Street Superintendent shall issue specific instructions to the person requesting a special pickup to facilitate collection. If said instructions are not complied with, the City may refuse to collect the waste material. When and as the Street Superintendent determines he is able to dispose of tree branch, shrub and bush material without violating any state or federal laws, codes or rules, tree branch, shrub and bush pickup or chipping shall be done as scheduled by the Street Superintendent. No other yard waste will be collected by special pickup.

Special Conditions for Special Pickup

The City will not provide special pickup service of waste material which is the result of work done by a private contractor even though a building or demolition permit was issued to the owner of said premises. Whenever a private contractor performs work on private premises from which waste material results, the owner or contractor shall be responsible for its disposal.