Housing Authority


  • 2nd Monday of the month, every other month


The composition of the Housing Authority shall be as specified in Wisconsin Statutes 66.1201 (5) and consist of 5 members who shall be appointed for terms as specified therein.

  • Jason W. Christiansen
  • Wendy Blair
  • Christy L. Van Hoff 
  • Jon Shelenske
  • Kari L. Wolf

Parkcrest Housing BuildingOverview

On March 26, 2016, the Common Council created the City of South Milwaukee - Housing Authority. The Housing Authority was created to manage Parkcrest Housing and engage in other Housing Authority activities as the Common Council shall from time-to-time direct.

The Housing Authority is granted all those powers designated in Wisconsin Statutes 66.1201 with the exception of those stated in the City of South Milwaukee - Resolution Number 16-11 (PDF).

The Housing Authority shall annually file a report of its activities with the Common Council.

Additional Information

For more information, visit the Housings Authority website.